When you talk about opening a business or growing it nowadays, we no longer subscribe to a dated model that envisions you confined to four walls and surrounded by office chairs and tables. We have evolved and moved on, thanks to technology - today you can start and grow your business at the click of a mouse, often sometimes with minimal cost or no cost at all.

While the appeal of a brick and mortar business model is undeniable as it’s tangible, you can’t deny the mammoth power of online presence and marketing. So how do you navigate your way through the rather claustrophobe-inducing internet world and make your website stand out?

Amongst the myriad sites and apps, how do you claim your stake in website individuality and make the right connection with the right consumers?

Too many questions? We are asking because we may be able to help.

At Grow Online, we look at systems and craft an integration solution. If your business is already using systems such as CRM, Email Marketing, Accounting System, Project Management System or Workflow system we get this system talking to each other and provide Dashboards and reports that gives the business insight as believe information is power if you can quantify them.

Making your website stand out: 1. A poorly designed site can kill credibility. You need to plan for your audience and understand your target audience. So, it’s important that you take the time to create content strategy that outlines who you want your site to reach and how you can differ from your competitors. 2. It may sound superficial but a good eye-catching logo is imperative and more often than not that would determine whether the visitor wants to linger on or leave. 3. Social media and marketing goes hand in hand. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are here to stay. With so many responsibilities, handling all these accounts can be overwhelming. So it’s never too late to get a consultant to implement a good social media strategy and get those links on your site. 4. The site’s design convinces a reader to keep looking around. A well laid out site uses readable typography, plenty of white space and a colour scheme that won’t induce headaches. 5. If all these sounds overwhelming, why don’t you visit growonline.co.nz so you can leave it us to make your website stand out.